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Postpartum Doula Certification 

Pacific Birth Collective is hosting three Postpartum Doula Trainings, with fifteen scholarships available over the course of the next three years, to create the foundation for our Pilot Postpartum Doula Community Project. This Community Project is designed to fill a gap in our community, a caring space that was lost when birth moved from “house calls” to the hospital.

Our goal is to improve the safe and successful transition of new families navigating the early postpartum period. Through this pilot project we will be able to offer selected free home visits by certified postpartum doulas trained in peer to peer breastfeeding counseling, babywearing (with a free wrap or sling) as well as cultural and social appropriateness that will reflect our diverse community.

There has been an increased focus on this critical time period on a national level due to the alarming statistical decline of overall maternal health in the U.S.. Pacific Birth Collective is a small organization on the forefront of major funding and public health initiatives focused on this critical issue. As an early adopter of the philosophy of individualized care throughout the entire childbearing year, we have an opportunity to demonstrate how in-home postpartum care can positively impact the lives of mothers, babies and their families.  

The participants and scholarship recipients will be trained together and will enter into the community together with a full year of study and practice geared toward certification, and to provide initial support to new Maui families as the culmination of their certification. This training and community service will be documented as part of our pilot project with the ultimate goal of creating a movement toward consistent postpartum care for families on Maui.

Year one is underway and we will be accepting scholarship applications soon for 5 spots in the year long Postpartum Doula Training! 

If you are interested please email us at

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